Beef stew for your soul

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There was a famous run on a book title “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.   Without question chicken soup is good stuff.  Yet it can leave you still hungry.  That’s why my subtitle of this site is “Beef stew for the Soul”.  It’s a bit more “beefier” in that it hopes to leave your soul a bit more satisfied and full than when you came.

My articles seeks to make the reader “think” and “ponder and perhaps a “ummmm” or two.  Some of my writings are comical, some serious, some might even be “controversial” to some.  To those who read my writings, my hope is that these articles will be a blessing in their walk with Christ and will be like beef stew for their soul.

So, if you’re ready for some spiritual beef stew, grab your spiritual soup spoon and dig in!



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